May 17, 2024

Stunning Facial Reconstruction of a Mummy Found in an Australian High School

A mummy in an Australian high school? It sounds unlikely, but it's actually true. While there are differing accounts as to why Grafton High School owns a mummified head, the artifact is certainly genuine. And now, thanks to forensic sculptor Jennifer Mann, we are able to see what this woman, who researchers estimate lived in Egypt between 332 BCE and 395 CE, looked like.

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May 11, 2024

250-Year-Old Bottled Cherries Discovered at Mount Vernon

When archeologists start rooting around at historical sites, there's no telling what they might find. Among the most fascinating, instructive discoveries are ephemeral items that have somehow managed to stand the test of time and decay. These include the tragic casts of ancient Romans buried under the ash of Pompeii and preserved snacks discovered beneath the Roman Colosseum. Other times, it's uncovering a scrap of tartan fabric in a Scottish peat bog.

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April 28, 2024

Ancient Rock Art Depicts Psychedelic Music and Dance in Peru

Rock art always presents fascinating—sometimes mysterious—insight into the lives of ancient humans. What did they value enough to carve into stone? What do the patterns and designs mean? Some things, such as paintings or etchings of game and hunters, tell a clearer story. Others may raise questions with more ephemeral implications. Feelings, magic, and music might all lurk behind the engravings of prehistoric hands.

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April 11, 2024

Water Worker Accidentally Discovers 2,500-Year-Old Gold Torc Necklaces in Spain

The Celts were an Iron Age culture spread across northern and western Europe. Powerful tribes ruled swaths of land in Spain, among other regions. Known for intricate stonework designs and stunning gold jewelry, the Celts were a powerful artistic and military presence. Jewelry in particular was a status symbol for the wealthy among this community, and finding it in situ is a rare opportunity to learn more about this ancient society.

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