Pen Drawing

June 1, 2021

Realistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings Capture Every Detail Down to the Twinkle in People’s Eyes

While some creatives depend on a combination of materials to create artwork, artist Paulus Architect only needs one dependable tool. He uses ordinary blue ballpoint pens to render hyperrealistic drawings of people. These illustrations capture the depth of the subjects using a monochrome color palette and masterful techniques. Architect finds inspiration for his ballpoint pen art through images of celebrities and photographers on Instagram.

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September 16, 2014

Amusing "Cartoon Bombing" Cleverly Interacts With Surroundings

For French illustrator Troqman, the world is a stage to display artwork that he calls “cartoon bombing.” The artist travels with a spiral-bound sketch pad and draws amusingly-exaggerated pictures that cleverly interact with their environment. Troqman has placed his handiwork in grocery store freezers, on the ledge of buildings, and even in the bathroom. The small cartoon characters do remarkable things thanks to some well-considered placement.

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