Pen Drawing

August 18, 2022

Artist Celebrates the Perfection of Nature Through Meticulous Geometric Drawings

Artist Rafael Araujo expresses his love of nature through geometry. Incorporating the golden spiral and helixes into his compositions, he uses these concepts as the basis for shells and kaleidoscopes of butterflies. The results are drawings in which the natural elements are sketched and colored in while the geometric guiding lines are left on the page.

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June 28, 2022

Incredible Architectural Illustrations Celebrate the Immense Beauty of Historic Façades

Architecture is one of the most meticulous things that you can sketch. Combining elements of scale, perspective, and fine details, it's a challenging subject matter. But not for artist Demi Lang, it seems. On the surface, she makes drawing buildings appear effortless with her incredible mixed-media illustrations using ink, pens, and pencils. The exquisite images showcase a variety of architecture rendered with fine lines and the beautiful features of various building styles.

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December 6, 2021

Architecture Drawings Come Alive With “Glowing” Windows

Sometimes, to truly appreciate the beauty of a city, you need to wait until after dark, when artificial lights illuminate the windows of apartments, ornate façades, and other buildings. Ukraine-based artist Nikita Busyak highlights the magic of architecture at night in his ongoing series of “glowing” sketches. These drawings capture a variety of intricate buildings in pen using precise linework and shading techniques.

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August 23, 2021

Artist Draws Intricate Rose Made of Thousands of Tiny “Lost Souls”

As you observe a work of art, you may find details that you didn't notice at first. Take a close look at artist Richard Berner‘s pen illustrations and you'll discover dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of little surprises. The UK-based artist creates whimsical and intricate drawings by packing together numerous tiny people. They almost look like tiny lost souls screaming out into the ether.

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