Imaginative Nature Doodles Fill Countless Pages

Drawing Of Multicolor Mushrooms Filling In Cat Silhouette

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There is a special kind of beauty that goes along with nature artwork. Many find harmony and peace in the magical symmetry of the natural world, with every petal and leaf mapped out flawlessly. The art created by the Instagram user Licosmoss, who goes by Anna, is no different. The artist fills page upon page with repeating natural patterns and designs.

“[My] main inspiration is nature, childhood memories [and] geometry,” Anna said. A quick glance at her account shows that the artist has a particular interest in flowers and mushrooms, as she regularly fills entire pages with them. Many of these repeating designs often fill in a silhouette of an unrelated object, including cats, lightbulbs, and celestial bodies, beautifully linking all of her work to the natural world.

Whether the focus of her piece is a furry feline or loveable ladybugs, they all radiate love. Many of her animals are drawn with smiles on their faces in a style reminiscent of what you might see in a children's storybook. She uses vibrant colors and vivid hues to make her pieces even more visually interesting, often placing bright colors next to one another in order to draw the viewer's attention.

To keep up with Anna's creative journey, follow her on Instagram. If you are interested in purchasing work from her, be sure to check out her Etsy.

Anna, who is known as Licosmoss on Instagram, is a Netherlands-based artist known for her doodle-filled silhouettes.

Drawing Of Flowers Filling In Lightbulb Silhouette Drawing Of Multicolor Flowers Filling In Cat Silhouette Drawing Of Ladybugs Filling In Heart Silhouette

She is drawn to the natural world and many of her drawings are nature-themed.

Drawing Of Two Cat Silhouettes Filled In By Mushrooms
Drawing Of Moon Silhouette Filled In With Multicolor Flowers
Circular Silhouette Of Blueberries

By making the absolute most of her space, Anna is able to stack drawings to create a repeating pattern.

Multicolored Miniature House Drawing
Drawing Of Smiling Black And White Cats Filling In Heart Silhouette
Drawing Of Red And Orange Houses Filling In Oval Silhouette

In addition to her repeating nature doodles, Anna also draws beautiful portraits of plants and greenery.

Drawing Of Blue Flower
Drawing Of Gingko Leaves On Stem With Golden Disk Behind
Drawing Of Leaves On Stem

Licosmoss: InstagramEtsy

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Licosmoss.

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