Street Art

April 22, 2022

Street Artist Adds Eye-Mazing Murals With Detailed Reflections of the City

A UK-based artist known as My Dog Sighs creates stunning murals that will make you look twice. For several years now, they have been adding realistic paintings of eyes onto walls across England. Each blue, green, and purple iris contains a mysterious reflection that tells a story. One of their most recent projects was completed in Plymouth, depicting a single large eye with feathery long lashes and an emerald green center.

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February 17, 2022

Street Artist Turns Entire City Into His Personal Canvas With Whimsical Chalk Drawings

While some artists like painting on canvases, others like David Zinn seek unexpected places to add art. The Ann Arbor artist creates whimsical chalk art on local sidewalks, brick walls, and more, oftentimes incorporating real-life elements (like cracks in the cement) into the illustration. Zinn draws a range of quirky animal characters in his distinct, cartoon-like style. Each one is cleverly rendered to look as though it is interacting with the surrounding environment.

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November 1, 2021

Powerful Sculpture Atop Berlin Church Highlights the Global Refugee Crisis

Time and time again we see artists using their creative visions to bring awareness to important social issues. The ongoing, worldwide refugee crisis is often a topic that visionaries touch upon and, now, Spanish artist Pejac has made his voice heard. High atop the Holy Cross Church in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood stands a sculpture of a young child in a life vest.

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