Street Art

December 30, 2020

Giant Tiger Mural Roars a Colorful Bouquet of Flowers and Glistening Gems

Mixed-media artist Naomi Haverland merges realistic portraiture with surrealist whimsy in her latest project. The Florida-based painter was commissioned by a business in Tampa to create a mural that would convey “diversity and empowerment.” After a few brainstorming sessions, Haverland proposed a magnificent tiger whose roar released a waterfall of flowers and sequins.

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October 28, 2020

Artist Transforms Abandoned Tanks in Kabul Into Colorful Works of Art

In Afghanistan, there are a number of deserted war tanks, stationed as a constant reminder of combat and violent conflicts. Luckily, Iranian artist Neda Taiyebi has stepped in and is finding another use for them. She has reimagined the abandoned vessels in Kabul, Afghanistan by adorning them with colorful motifs including fruits and flowers, as well as swirling geometric designs.

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October 5, 2020

Graffiti Artist “Drapes” Beautiful Lace Patterned Mural Across a Fashion Museum

Polish street artist NeSpoon is known for using lace to inspire her artwork. Her most recent mural explores the traditional lace of Calais in a grand painting splashed across the facade of the city's fashion and lace museum. Located in northern France, Calais was once a hub of lace making. In the early 19th century, British lacemakers escaping economic unrest and harsh patent taxes settled there.

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September 12, 2020

3D Mural of Precarious Teacups Comes “Crashing” To Life With Augmented Reality

Dutch street artist Leon Keer is a master of three-dimensional art. He can transform any flat surface into a mind-bending illusion using paint. And for his latest mural, he has created Shattering, a complex balance of teacups that look as though they’re on the brink of spilling over. Painted in Helsingborg, Sweden, Keer’s mural is a commentary on the fragility of life. “Life is as fragile as a teacup,” Keer told My Modern Met.

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