Street Art

January 15, 2018

Giant Sculpture of Polygonal Woman Symbolically Passes Through a Fence Amidst Riots

In his newest project, French artist David Mesguich struggles to reconcile his past as a graffiti writer with his current work as a contemporary artist. Indeed, as more and more graffiti and street artists gain recognition in the mainstream contemporary art world, there is a balance between the past and present that is not always easy to maintain. For Pressure 1.

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December 4, 2017

Street Artist Paints Sad Clown Faces on Lonely Discarded Furniture Left in the Street

No matter where you live, you’ve probably come across sad, discarded furniture and household items that have been kicked to the curb. Unwanted, and exposed to the elements, these items are left on the hard pavement, waiting for someone to cherish them once again. A Los Angeles-based street artist—who goes by the name Lonesome Town—has been humanizing these unwanted objects and radiating their shared melancholy by painting sad clown faces on them.

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