Street Art

May 29, 2024

Artist’s Ephemeral Earth Murals Turn Floating Ice and Desolate Deserts Into Masterpieces

When we last checked in on Finland-based artist David Popa, he was creating incredible murals inspired by his environment. Using only charcoal, chalk, and natural pigments, Popa uses Earth as his canvas. Whether created on ice, snow, dirt, or sand, his ephemeral art is mesmerizing. For those interested in how he produces his murals, Popa often posts videos of his creative process. In one video, we see him working on a floating piece of ice.

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April 25, 2024

World’s Largest Collection of Banksy Art on View in London

The world's largest collection of original and authenticated Banksy art is extending its stay in London. The Art of Banksy has already been viewed by 1.5 million people in 15 cities, and now locals and visitors to London will get another chance to view the elusive street artist's work. The exhibition was originally on Regent Street but has now reopened in Soho with ticket sales until January 2025.

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March 7, 2024

“Lost” Banksy Mural is Restored and Placed for Auction

A Banksy mural that a building owner painted over has been restored and is coming up for auction. Auctioneers Anderson & Garland will place Holywell Row Happy Helicopters on the auction block this month. According to the Newcastle-based auction house, the work is expected to fetch anywhere from £500,000 to £700,000 ($637,00 to $890,000).

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December 27, 2023

Two Men Arrested After Stealing Banksy Installation in Broad Daylight

Less than an hour after Banksy confirmed a new installation in South London, it vanished. But how is not a mystery. Two men were filmed taking down the traffic sign, which was covered in three planes that resembled military drones. The videos of two men taking bolt cutters to the stop sign were widely circulated on social media, with police already making arrests in the case.

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