Street Art

April 25, 2019

Artist Uses Graffiti to Bring Fine Art Paintings from Museums to the Streets

Inspired by the work of old masters, Madrid-based street artist Julio Anaya Cabanding frees famous paintings from museum walls and brings them to the urban environment. But Cabanding is not an art thief—he’s actually just a very talented artist. Using graffitied city walls and deteriorating buildings as his canvas, he recreates iconic paintings with uncanny detail, ornate frames, and clever shadows.

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April 2, 2019

Street Artist Transforms Abandoned Factory into a “Mausoleum of Giants”

British artist Phlegm brings his signature characters to life in an epic solo show staged in his adopted hometown of Sheffield. Known for his elongated, fantastical figures that look like a modern bestiary drawn in black and white, Phlegm has easily translated his painted murals into three-dimensional sculptures with Mausoleum of Giants. As the street artist turns more and more to installation art, the show is an incredible look at his artistic growth.

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January 25, 2019

Artist Preserves Delicate Polish Lace Patterns as Street Art on Buildings Around the World

Polish street artist NeSpoon continues to push her craft to the limits. Year after year, she travels the world, leaving her lace-patterned street art in her wake. And 2018 was no exception, with NeSpoon continuing to expand her work beyond painted murals into ceramics and three-dimensional installations. A particularly meaningful highlight was her work on the facade of the Musée des Beaux-arts et de la Dentelle (Museum of Fine Art and Lace) in Alençon, France.

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