February 19, 2024

Smart Raven Figures Out How To Use a Stick as a Tool To Retrieve Food Trapped in a Tube

Ornithologists and bird lovers all know that crows, ravens, and other members of the corvid family are extremely intelligent. Not only do they possess sensory consciousness, meaning they cultivate an awareness of the present and immediate past through observed events, but they also understand the concept of zero. As it turns out, these creatures flip the script on the term “bird brain.

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September 29, 2023

The Maine Puffin Population Is Making an Unexpected Comeback

Atlantic Puffins are easily recognizable with their white bellies and jet black “coats,” highlighted by bright red beaks. These adorable birds, known scientifically as Fratercula arctica, frolic over coastal lands from Maine to Eastern Canada, from Iceland to Scotland. Sadly, like many species, their numbers rapidly declined in the 19th century due to humans collecting their eggs and hunting the adult birds.

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July 18, 2023

Rebellious Birds Are Now Stealing Anti-Bird Spikes and Making Nests With Them

If you’ve ever walked around in a city, you've probably seen anti-bird spikes covering statues, balconies, and sometimes even trees. While these mechanisms are intended to deter winged creatures from perching in these places, it seems like some magpies and crows have figured out a way to use them to their benefit. A group of Dutch researchers found that certain birds were using these spikes to construct nests.

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