Drawing Guide

November 26, 2020

Learn How to Draw a Great White Shark in 7 Simple Steps

The ocean is full of incredible aquatic creatures that we rarely have a chance to see in our day-to-day life. One of the most famous among them is the great white shark. At an average of 15 feet in length and often weighing more than 2,000 pounds, these fish are some of the most efficient macropredators. Want to learn how to capture a great white on paper?

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October 8, 2020

Learn How to Draw a Pumpkin in a Few Easy Steps

Whether they're orange, green, smooth, or bumpy—pumpkins are synonymous with autumn. These charming gourds inspire some of the most anticipated events of fall, like spooky jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin spice beverages. And even if you're not a fan of carving wacky faces into these winter squashes, their funky shapes and colors add an autumnal aesthetic to any room in the home.

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August 20, 2020

Learn How to Draw a Tiger in This Step-by-Step Tutorial

No animal can quite compare to the majesty of a tiger. With its striking orange and black coloring and enigmatic presence, this big cat is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Although it may seem daunting to try and render this striped feline on your own, you'll see that with a little bit of patience and some illustrated guidance, you too can draw the tiger of your dreams.

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July 11, 2020

5 Practical Drawing Tips to Take Your Art to the Next Level

Learning how to draw is an ongoing journey. For those that didn't pick up art at an early age, it may even feel daunting to reach for a pencil and sketch your favorite animal. However, don't let those worries get you down. Although there are incredible artists out there, each one had to begin somewhere, and, like all creative skills, drawing is something that can improve with passion and dedication.

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