September 19, 2023

Street Artist Transforms Pavement Cracks Into Colorful Mosaic Masterpieces

Next time you're walking through a major European city, remember to take a look at the ground. You might come across an unexpected work of art. French artist Ememem—sometimes known as “the pavement surgeon”—fixes cracks and holes in the street and sidewalks by filling them with colorful mosaics. The artist has a freeform approach to these on-site installations called “flacking,” which refers to the French word flaque, meaning puddle.

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August 11, 2023

Massive Flamingo Installation Lands at Florida Airport

Since late 2022, an enormous flamingo has taken up residence at the Tampa International Airport. Artist Matthew Mazzotta created the giant flamingo as a tribute to Florida's most recognizable bird and to the comings and goings of the travelers who pass through the airport. Titled HOME, the oversize installation has become a favorite of travelers, whether it's adults taking selfies or children playing on its legs.

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June 21, 2023

Monumental Installation Uses 804 Trees To Create an Untenable Version of Home

The phrase “putting down roots” is likely familiar to anyone looking for a permanent place to call home. In deciding to root ourselves in a location, we have the benefit of building a community and flourishing; home is one thing you don’t have to search for anymore. It’s just one reason why being displaced from where you live is so traumatic. Colombian artist Doris Salcedo explores this idea in her large-scale installation titled Uprooted.

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June 12, 2023

Massive Mural Installations Look Like Portals to Another Dimension

Tucked into the corner of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is a portal to another world. Los Angeles-based artist Erika Lizée tailored this three-dimensional painting specifically to the site, making it look as though a fantastical image is suspended in front of the walls. The inspiration for this surreal work of art comes from Lizée's interest in numbers and the interconnectedness of the world.

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