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This Company Makes Custom Slippers to Look Just Like Your Pet

Fuzzy Animal Slippers by Cuddle Clones

When you have a furry best friend, it’s natural to want to celebrate them in any and all ways possible. Cuddle Clones is making it easy—and extremely cozy—to display your love for your favorite kitty or pup thanks to their custom creations. The company fashions handmade fuzzy animal slippers that are the spitting image of your beloved pet, down to the patterns in their fur and the distinctive expression on their face.

It’s no small feat to capture such striking likenesses, and Cuddle Clones takes their job very seriously. When commissioning a pair of slippers, it’s required you upload a photo of your pet’s face and recommended that you submit pictures of their fur color, as well as their backside, chest, and tail. You then select individual eye color and the position of their ears. And because each pet is unique, there is a chance to point out any distinguishing characteristics that they have. After eight weeks, you’ll receive the cutest pair of slippers you’ve ever seen. Not only will they look just like your furry friend, but they’ll keep your feet warm and toasty. This makes them paw-fect for lounging around the house with their real-life twin.

To get your own pair of Cuddle Clones animal slippers, head to their website and get started. They cost $199 per pair with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cuddle Clones creates custom fuzzy animal slippers that look just like your cat or dog.

Fuzzy Animal Slippers by Cuddle ClonesFuzzy Animal Slippers by Cuddle ClonesFuzzy Animal Slippers by Cuddle Clones

When you compare the real animal with the custom creations, the similarities are uncanny:

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All images via Cuddle Clones.

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