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December 7, 2022

20 Thoughtful Gifts for Artists Who Draw

If you're shopping for an artist in your life, then you may be searching for some creative ideas. Well, before you start adding things to your cart, it's important to consider what medium they specialize in. If they're an artist who draws, such as an illustrator, designer, or cartoonist, then you may want to look at things from their perspective.

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December 2, 2022

27 Places To Buy Gifts That Give Back This Holiday Season

Looking for a unique gift that will also give back to someone in need? There's a huge range of companies that work to better the world through their social activism, whether employing fair trade artisans or supporting grassroots organizations. And by giving a gift that supports a cause, you are also investing in the well-being of those less fortunate. In the end, isn't this what the holiday spirit is about?

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December 1, 2022

36 Purrfect Gifts for People Who Love Cats

In the past, the term “cat lady” was used as an insult to define old, single “spinsters” who only had cats for companions. However, today the term has been reclaimed by a new generation of proud feline fans that are showing that cat ladies (and men) are cool, chic, and anything but reclusive.

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November 29, 2022

LEGO Introduces Minifigures With Diverse Set of Skin Tones, Including Vitiligo

LEGO released an exciting new set with 2,339 pieces called Table Football. The LEGO Ideas creation is a playable table football game (also known as table soccer or foosball), complete with color-coordinating sliding knobs, a cheering section, and customizable minifigures. The incredible 44 hairstyles and 43 heads that are included in the set has LEGO fans talking about representation and inclusion.

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