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April 2, 2020

“Impossible” Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle Is the Ultimate Time-Killer for Those Stuck Inside

We thought we’d found the most challenging jigsaw puzzle ever when we came across the all-white, “pure hell” puzzle last week—but perhaps not. If you think a pictureless design is challenging enough, what about one with no picture or color? An Etsy store called Little Flower Pot Shop is selling a clear jigsaw puzzle made from transparent acrylic. The clear, acrylic puzzle is available in 4 tiers of difficulty: “easy, okay, hard, and crazy.

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March 30, 2020

This 2,000-Piece All-White Jigsaw Puzzle Will Challenge Even the Most Patient People

If you’ve already completed every jigsaw puzzle you own, perhaps it’s time to start one that’s a little more challenging. Japanese board game manufacturer Beverly has created a plain, all-white puzzle that is sure to test the patience of even the most experienced jigsaw masters. Described as the world’s smallest, “micro” puzzle, the “Pure Hell” design features no image to help you complete it—just 2,000 blank tiles.

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March 21, 2020

15 Boredom-Busting Products That’ll Keep You Entertained Indoors

In times of social distancing (or physical distancing), it can be a struggle to stay entertained when confined to the comfort of your home. After all, there’s only so much TV you can binge-watch before you utter the words you’d never thought you’d say: “I don’t feel like watching Netflix anymore.” To beat your cabin fever, we’ve found a bevy of indoor activities that are perfect for the creatively minded.

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