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Witty Valentine's Day Cards Help Profess Your Love in a Hilariously Clever Way

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there comes pressure to profess your true feelings to the person (or people) you love. This comes easier to some than others, but if you struggle to share your emotions, have no fear: Emily McDowell, one of our favorite card makers, is here to help. Her hilariously awkward greeting cards are the perfect way to say how you feel without being too serious or cheesy.

McDowell has a knack for creating copy that’s both amusing and relatable. Her sharp wit reflects modern romance and speaks to anyone in a relationship. Sentiments such as “There is nobody else I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to,” communicate the message “I love spending time with you,” but in way that’s fit for the 21st century. Likewise, she seamlessly works in slang like “fleek” and “bae” into her cards.

While McDowell’s stationary is undoubtedly funny, it also offers an honest look at what love really is–it’s not all about grand gestures and feelings of bliss. Instead, these ideas are tempered with less romantic notions, such as what to cook for dinner.

McDowell’s cards are available in her online shop and Etsy store.

Emily McDowell: WebsiteShopEtsy | Instagram | Facebook
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