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Clever New Street Art Incorporates 3D Objects

Back in June 2012, we came across the unique street art of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. Called a “new Banksy” by The Wall Street Journal, the then 25-year-old was just starting to make a name for himself with his incredibly clever street art works. The way he incorporates 3D objects into his pieces makes them fresh and exciting and, the fact that they appear interactive, only makes them all the more appealing.

This month, he worked on a project for Butter & Beans, a small cafe owned by his close friend in a quiet, residential part of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Like many of his outdoor pieces, he adds a dash of whimsy by mixing painting with actual objects. A young boy holding a plant pot, pulls on a string which triggers a flow of leaves into a white cup sitting on a table. As he writes on his Facebook page, “Green tea, anyone?”

The artist, at work (love his socks)

Ernest Zacharevic’s Facebook page

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