Japanese Farmers Have Created a Fresh New Fruit Called the ‘Lemon Melon’

Lemon Melon, a new fruit by Japanese farmers

When we think of Japanese innovation, our mind usually goes to the country’s leading advancements in technology. But Japan’s agriculture is proving to be just as innovative. In fact, Japanese farmers in Hokkaido have just announced the creation of a new fruit: the Lemon Melon.

According to reports, the Lemon Melon is round like a watermelon, but the surface is a mostly solid yellow-green, as it is missing the texture and darker tone of melons and watermelons. The biggest shock comes after cutting it open. Instead of boasting a bright color, the Lemon Melon is white inside. And while it is sweet, what makes it so special is that it has the sour zing of a lemon, making it perfect for the summer. While they have the crispness of a pear when they are just harvested, they get softer as they ripen.

The Lemon Melon was developed by Suntory Flowers, the horticulture arm of Suntory, the multinational brewing and distilling company group. According to SoraNews24, their team bred it from a type of melon imported from overseas. The lemon and melon mix is a result of several experiments on growing methods and harvest times. And while they have been working on it over the last five years, this is the first year that they are able to sell them.

As delicious as the Lemon Melon sounds, don't expect to get your hands on one any time soon. This brand new fruit is being cultivated in limited quantities—about 3,800 for the season—by five farmers in the city of Furano, Hokkaido. And while they have made it to a few supermarkets in Sapporo, they sell for 3,218 yen ($22.34) each. Should they become a success, they may become part of Japan's luxury fruit market in the long run. In the meantime, one can only daydream of its uniquely sweet and sour flavor.

Japanese farmers in Hokkaido have introduced a brand new fruit called the Lemon Melon. It mixes the sweetness of melons with the sour zing of lemons.

Lemon Melon, a new fruit by Japanese farmers

The Lemon Melon is being cultivated in limited quantities—about 3,800 for the season—by five farmers in the city of Furano, Hokkaido.

Lemon Melon, a new fruit by Japanese farmers

h/t: [SoraNews24]

All images via Suntory

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