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Cinematic Photos of Tokyo’s Streets Magically Lit up at Night

Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui routinely waits for the sun to set before embarking on a quest to capture the city of Tokyo. At night, the city’s streets are peppered with paper lanterns that give off a warm glow, neon signs that act as guiding lights, and plenty of people who are basking in this magical time of day. Wakui initially uses a high-performance, compact camera to shoot these nocturnal scenes and then later adjusts his shots’ coloration so the vibrancy is heightened. The photographer’s technique magnificently makes narrow alleyways seem as though they’re a cozy, cinematic backdrop.

Wakui regularly posts his snapshots on Flickr, showing his followers that Tokyo’s nighttime streets can artistically be transformed into a welcoming world of light and color.

Masashi Wakui: Flickr | Tumblr
via [this isn’t happiness]

All photos via Masashi Wakui.

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