105 Exposures Stitched Together Reveal Ultra-High Res Photo of NYC From Night to Day

VAST Photos New York

VAST photographer Dan Piech, who specializes in ultra-high resolution photography, shows us a different perspective of New York City. Capturing the skyline as it transitions from night to day, his New York Transitions I is a meticulous blend of 105 different exposures taken over numerous hours. The result is a seamless image that displays the dynamic change in light that falls over the Manhattan cityscape.

“I wanted to create the photo at a special time when the city looked particularly radiant, so I waited for a snowstorm to gild the city in white…” shares Piech. “Heavy clouds thick with snow blanketed the sky on an unusually cold morning. After reviewing the forecast for many inches of snow followed by a sudden clearing of the sky at night, I decided to prepare for a photoshoot of the city from the top of one of the tallest buildings between downtown Manhattan and the iconic Midtown Manhattan skyline.”

Using a long telephoto lens mounted on a gimbal, Piech carefully snapped away for hours, covering the entire scene in great detail. A close look allows viewers to see the sleepy streets of the normally bustling city as it begins to wake after the snowfall. Just as in his recent ultra-high resolution image A New York City Dream, it's easy to get lost in the details of the architecture, peering in windows and examining rooftops for the minutiae that make New York exceptional.

The original image is a stunning 620 megapixels and took over 100 hours of editing to pull together. New York Transitions I is available for purchase as a fine art print on Piech's company's website, VAST Photos.

Over 105 exposures were stitched together to create this 620-megapixel view of New York City transitioning from night to day.

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These videos demonstrate the incredible detail photographer Dan Piech achieved in this VAST photo.

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My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Dan Piech – VAST Photos.

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