Cinematic Photos of Nocturnal Life in Urban Centers Across Asia and Europe

Cinematic Photography by Liam Wong

Photographer Liam Wong, who is known for his cinematic photos of Tokyo at night, is back with a new collection of urban images for his book After DarkA sort of sequel to his popular monograph TO:KY:OO,  After Dark sees Wong cast a wider net as he explores other urban centers at night. This collection of photographs delves into the night atmosphere of other Asian cities like Osaka, Seoul, and Hong Kong, but also touches on Europe with visits to London, Paris, and Rome. Wong's hometown of Edinburgh is also represented in this new publication, which is currently winding down a successful crowdfunding effort.

Wong, whose background is in videogame design, found the publication of his first book a cathartic release. After it was finished, he was drawn more to filmmaking and cinematography, which changed his approach to photography. “With After Dark, it has been my way of exploring cinematography, using the cities as my backdrop,” Wong tells My Modern Met. “Each image is delivered in a cinematic aspect ratio which not only changes the way that the work is presented but also gives limitations as to what can fit within any given frame.”

To help select what photographs made it into the publication, Wong turned to his followers. Using their feedback, he was able to see what they responded to, while also highlighting a variety of different cities. “The book features multiple cities and so they are laid out in a way that hopefully surprises the viewer,” Wong shares. “While some cities may feature more than others, the goal itself is highlighting the similarities or differences and connecting themes as you turn the page.”

From solitary taxi drivers in Seoul to 4 a.m. photos of London's Piccadilly Circus in complete silence, the photographs capture the other side of bustling cities. As Wong spends the night looking for imagery, he reveals the different, nocturnal life of these urban centers. By exploring the loneliness of the urban world, Wong breaks down a barrier and invites us in to see these alternate spaces.

If you're interested in taking a journey through urban darkness, you have until October 9, 2021 to pre-order After Dark. Readers can choose from different perks, including signed copies of the book and a special collector's edition with a print.

Wondering how Wong made the leap from videogame designer to photographer? Listen to our inspirational and in-depth interview with him on the My Modern Met Top Artist podcast.

Liam Wong's new collection of night photography explores urban centers across Asia and Europe.

Urban Photography at Night by Liam Wong

Girl Standing on Subway Platform in Tokyo at Night

Taxi Driver by Liam Wong

People in a Shop Window by Liam Wong

His work takes on an even more cinematic feel as his focus has shifted toward filmmaking.

Tokyo at Night by Liam Wong

Temple in Asia at Night by Liam Wong

Pagoda at Night by Liam Wong

Night Photography by Liam Wong

After Dark is his new book, which highlights his best work in a stunning layout.

After Dark Photo Book by Liam Wong

After Dark Photo Book by Liam Wong

After Dark Photo Book by Liam Wong

After Dark will be released summer 2022 and is currently available to pre-order.

Liam Wong After Dark Photo Book

Liam Wong: Website | FacebookTwitter | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Liam Wong.

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