Spectacular Science Experiment Photography by Caleb Charland

Call him an artist, a photographer, a scientist or all three. Caleb Charland is back with a new set of work that asks him to wear many different hats. When we first came across his scientific experiments, back in July 2010, we were blown away by the way he could make us look at everyday objects in a whole new way. After experimenting with fruit, making electricity with oranges and apples, Charland goes back to where it all began, with stunningly surreal long-exposures.

For the image above, called Breakbeat With Sparkler and Metronome, Charland lets us in on his secret. The image shows us what happens when a burning sparkler is attached to a metronome. “As the sparkler burns it gets shorter, and, when combined to the back and forth movement of the metronome, a zig-zag is traced on the film during a long exposure.

“However, in this case, the zig-zag pattern is broken up. While exposing, I was moving my hand between the lens of the camera and the metronome to the beat of Led Zeppelin’s song When the Levee Breaks. It’s quite an iconic drum beat. I liked the idea of visually breaking up a pattern creating rifts in the visual rhythm.”

One Hour with Candle and Clock

Pouring Light

Cylinder With Phosphorescent Powder


Candle Burned Upside Down

Candle Through Fish Bowl

Phosphorus in Fishbowl

Candle Through Crystal Ball

Candle Through Crystal Ball is a long exposure of a small candle burning down completely as seen through the crystal ball. It creates that line of light reminiscent of an iris through the middle of the crystal ball. I should mention that the candle is inverted due to the optical nature of the crystal.”

Caleb Charland’s website

January 19, 2017

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