September 21, 2017

220,000+ Japanese Woodblock Prints Available Online in Growing Database

With a long rich history, Japanese woodblock prints are sources of inspiration for everything from tattoos to reimagined video games characters. And while we've already shared how the Library of Congress has made their ukiyo-e available free online, a new database brings together over 220,000 examples of the art form. is a digital archive that collates collections from 24 museums, libraries, auction houses, and art dealers around the world.

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September 11, 2017

Adults Are Filling Drawings with Calming Patterns Instead of Just Coloring Them In

The adult coloring book craze has been around for many years and inspired busy grownups to take a moment and create—without deadlines or expectations. But if you're an avid colorer who's looking to change up your creative routine, we have something new to try: a zentangle. Like coloring, zentangle art is easy to do and offers a relaxing way to engage in art making. Rather than filling in someone's drawings, however, you are the one producing the patterns.

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August 10, 2017

8 Best Acrylic Paint Sets That Both Beginners and Professional Artists Will Love

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional painter, it’s always a good idea to figure out what brand of paints work best for your needs. When it comes to acrylic pigments, however, the choices can be daunting. Not only are there many companies to choose from, but with descriptions like “heavy body” and “high flow,” how will you know what to choose?

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