October 20, 2017

‘Inktober’: The Worldwide Art Challenge That Has Everyone Drawing in October

When it comes to creating art, getting started is often the hardest part. It’s made a little easier, however, when you’ve got thousands of people doing it at the same time. We’ve seen how daily and monthly photography projects can stretch your imagination and bring forth new and exciting developments in your work. But if drawing is more your style, we’ve got the perfect creative challenge to inspire daily art-making: Inktober.

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October 17, 2017

This Virtual Library Card Grants Free Access to 2,000+ Architecture Books

Many of us remember a time when getting your first library card was a rite of passage. Stepping into the library, filling out some details, and getting your card stamped for the first time signaled entry into the world of learning. Now, as time marches on, brick and mortar libraries are giving way to virtual collections, where borrowers can download and read texts online or via e-readers. So what do these changes call for?

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October 9, 2017

Learn How Hand Lettering Can Elevate Ordinary Text into Extraordinary Art

The world is full of text, and not all of it is designed to be pretty. Typography, like any creative field, can be dry and boring. One area in which it shines, however, is in hand lettering. This approach adds a distinctive flair to ordinary text and infuses it with personality and unique flourishes you wouldn’t find in ordinary typefaces. So, how does hand lettering differ from conventional typography? For one, it’s often project specific.

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October 5, 2017

Free “Shazam for Art” App Identifies Works From Museums Around the World

A post shared by MOBGEN (@mobgen) on Mar 6, 2017 at 6:50am PST When Shazam arrived in the app store, it made frustrated music listeners everywhere rejoice. Any tune that you heard—but couldn't name—was suddenly at your fingertips. Building on that idea is Smartify, an art app that allows you to scan an artwork, identify the name and artist, and learn more about it.

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