Animals Hilariously Reimagined With Eyes on the Front of Their Faces

What if all animals had eyes in the front of their face like humans? Redditor welcometosuplexcity imagined just what that would look like and shared a Photoshopped creation of a frontal-eyed pigeon. Met with intrigue and some disbelief, others are now trying their hand at manipulating eye placement on existing animal images. Mashable has taken the project on fully, Photoshopping hilarious eyes onto fawns, dolphins, chickens, and giraffes, to name a few.

The result is not only funny, it draws attention to the fact that something as subtle as eye placement can make a drastic change in appearance. While some of the animals are cute with frontal eyes, others look like bizarre cartoon characters from Wallace and Gromit or Annoying Orange. We can only imagine what humans would look if we had eyes on the side of our heads!

Above image via Kiyoi

Image via welcometosuplexcity

Image via Mashable Composite, Stephen Frink/Corbis

Image via Mashable Composite, Chris Marchant

Image via Mashable Composite, Jans Canon

Image via Kiyoi

Image via Mashable Composite, Rebecca Siegel

Image via Mashable Composite, Reinhard Dirscherl/Corbis

Image via Mashable Composite, Hasan Raza

Image via Mashable Composite, Alan Tunnicliffe

via [Boing Boing, Mashable]

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