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Curved Steel Walls Reflect an Upside Down World


Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor created two giant stainless steel sculptures that are designed to figuratively turn your world upside down. Kapoor's sculptural installation known as C-Curve is a life-size wall of reflective steel that curves around, almost reconnecting with itself, in the shape of the letter C. The outer side of the piece functions as a typical mirror, albeit a little like looking through a fish lens, but fairly normal nonetheless. Once the viewer loops around to the inner side of the structure, things get turned on its head as one's reflection is inexplicably inverted.

Similar to C-Curve, Kapoor's S-Curve installation presents two points of view—one upside down and the other right side up—on each side of the squiggly S-shaped structure. The idea behind each of these works is not only to engage and entertain an audience the way funhouse mirrors do, but to also remind viewers about perspective. The illusion of distorting form and direction of the viewers and their surroundings refamiliarizes one with what we the world around us actually looks like, something we may normally take for granted.


Anish Kapoor: Website
via [tart-pastry]

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