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September 15, 2018

The Most Jaw Dropping Airport Lounge in the World

Airports and airline lounges aren’t exactly known for their high design qualities and wellness-inspired features. In a world where plane travel is as common as hopping on the bus, we expect to have a less-than-ideal airport experience. We hardly bat an eye with extreme lines, hordes of travelers hovering over charging stations, and brown water being passed off as coffee.

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August 25, 2018

An Artist Threw a Dinner Party Inspired by Her Paintings

For notable New Orleans-based painter Mallory Page, art is most certainly a calling. In 2018 alone, her work has featured prominently in the homes and projects of interior designers across the country and lined the walls of Bunny Williams’ showroom in New York—as well as take over the Martine Chaisson Gallery in a powerful solo show, A Ponderous Weight (I don’t remember if I was frightened or pleased).

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July 7, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Art in Your 20s

Your 20s are a truly transitional time in life. Everything seems to be constantly changing—including the city you live in, your apartment, job (and salary!), friends, relationships, and priorities. Most times, it’s also when you finally get to furnish your first apartment, which is both scary and exciting, not to mention expensive.

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June 3, 2018

This Trend is Taking the Design World by Storm

If you have yet to hear, stacks are the latest trend to hit the design world by storm. But, we're not talking about just any regular stack. Thoughtfully formed, beautifully curated, and color-coordinated with flawless execution, it has come to be known as the totem trend, one that has been gaining serious traction within the recent year.

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