March 23, 2019

Creative Billboards Cleverly Encourage People to Use Less Water

How do you encourage people to use less water? This was a quandary that Denver Water hired the creative agency Sukle to help solve. For over a decade, they came up with clever advertising campaigns that inspired the citizens of Mile High City to be mindful of the amount of water they use. At the start of their campaign, they had a ten-year goal of reducing water consumption by 22%.

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March 21, 2019

Artist Drills into Antique Ceramics to Transform Them into Exquisite Pieces of Jewelry

Artist Gésine Hackenberg transforms ceramic plates, bowls, and dishes into exquisite pieces of jewelry. Using dinnerware as her raw material, she extracts small discs from them and strings them together like beads or inlays them among metal for earrings and rings. Hackenberg tends to focus on the decorative part of a plate or bowl, such as popular Delft patterns, which results in colorful and unassuming pieces of wearable art.

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March 19, 2019

Vibrant Cover Art for The New Yorker’s “Spring Style” Issue Is Inspired by Frida Kahlo

Illustrator Malika Favre is known for her minimalist designs that play with form and color. For her latest project—which happened to be the cover art for The New Yorker‘s Spring Style Issue—Favre took this aesthetic approach to the next level in order to channel a certain kind of iconic style. Aptly titled Spring to Mind, this graphic employs a tropical palette and jungle of floral motifs to symbolize the start of the season.

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March 16, 2019

Artist Encases Incredibly Detailed Miniature Worlds Inside Antique Pocket Watches

Greek artist Gregory Grozos gives new life to antique jewelry by encasing miniature worlds inside pocket watches and pendants. Inspired by classic art, fantasy, and steampunk, each handmade piece of miniature art tells stories of imaginary microcosms, where tiny figurines are placed among little homes, workplaces, and even forests. “A few years ago I had the idea of making an entire tiny world which a person can carry on him or her,” reveals Grozos.

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