Everything You Need to Know About Buying Art in Your 20s

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art


Your 20s are a truly transitional time in life. Everything seems to be constantly changing—including the city you live in, your apartment, job (and salary!), friends, relationships, and priorities. Most times, it’s also when you finally get to furnish your first apartment, which is both scary and exciting, not to mention expensive. And whether you like it or not, what you choose to hang on your walls contributes to the feel of your apartment in a big way. The good news is that there is plenty of affordable art out there—but how do you navigate all the options and figure out what to do with them? Consider this a beginner's guide to filling your new wallspace…that won’t break the bank.

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art


Don’t be afraid to get help
You don’t need to be an art history major or work at a gallery to have an impressive art display in your home. You just need a bit of help; and luckily, there’s no shortage of virtual destinations to help you achieve that. Our personal fave? Framebridge, whose just-launched online gallery wall-maker tool walks you through creating a custom display step-by-step—it even comes with a life-size hanging guide so even the DIY-averse will have no trouble installing the wall of their dreams. Simply upload your photos, rearrange the layout to suit your liking, and enter your shipping info.

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art

Woven Raffia Frames in Natural, $28 | Prisma Multi Photo Display, Copper, $29.99. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY LAURA RESEN)

Don’t splurge on the frame
Custom framing can double—or triple—the cost of your print or poster. New York City-based interior designer Lauren Wills reminded us to be smart and make sure there is a frame available online or at a store near you before purchasing. Ikea is a great resource, but be warned, they have funky, European sizes.

Order online
There are so many great online resources where you can find affordable prints, poster, photography, and real art. Etsy and Bezar make it easy for you to connect with unique vendors, art.com will have any standard poster you’ve always had your eye on, and Minted has everything in between.

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art

So Frondly, $139.99 | Urbanology 3, $274.99. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY KELLI HALL)

Don’t be afraid to invest
While you might start out pinching pennies in your early 20s, over the years your salary and how much you’re willing to spend on your home will only increase. That means whatever feels like a lot of money now won’t feel like a big investment in a few years and you’ll get your money’s worth in the meantime.

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art

White Shell/Abalone iPhone 6 Case, $39.99 | CLIC White Marble for iPhone 6, $79.99. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY @PARABOPRESS)

Turn your Instagrams into art
Let’s be honest, we all think we’re professional photographers these days. But the truth is, our iPhones do take quality photos that can be printed and blown up into impressive prints. Social Print Studio and app Parabo Press are just two sites that allow you to print (and sign) your own artwork.

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art

Beach Scene Print I, $178.99 | Composition V, $424.99. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRITTANY AMBRIDGE)

Don’t buy too big
When you’re young (and living in the city), moving every year is a grim reality—as are space constraints. Wills reminded us that just because you have a ballin’ big living room now, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the same amount of space next year. She recommends sticking to 24×36 at the largest for any pieces you’re investing in.

Art Collecting For Beginners - How To Start Buying Art


Don’t overthink it
This is Wills’ number one piece of advice. If you like it, buy it—and try not to worry so much. Chances are, if you like whatever you’re considering buying, it will fit with your lifestyle and whatever you already have in your home. You’re the one who has to look at it every day, and if it pleases you, that’s all that matters.

This story was originally published on Domino.

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