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Kirsten Miller is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. As a writer from South Africa, she has authored a children’s book, a work of non-fiction, and four novels. She has an interest in creativity and neurodiversity, and has contributed to a number of art and writing projects, festivals, and workshops. Kirsten holds an M.A. in Writing and Representation, and when she's not writing, she enjoys painting, creating mosaics, swimming, and walking.
September 26, 2022

Architects Design Building With Apartments Floating Over Water Like the Bow of a Ship

Large buildings can sometimes look like man-made mountains, concrete and steel structures taking us one step closer to the sky. Amsterdam‘s latest housing project, conceived by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Barcode Architects, is a spectacular example of this called Sluishuis. It stands as an incredible vision that is both rooted in place and yet floating in mid-air. The stunning structure's sharp, geometric angles meet water, city, and sky.

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September 20, 2022

Man Celebrates 60th Birthday by Breaking World Record for Longest Journey Traveled in a Pumpkin Boat

People have different ways of celebrating their milestone birthdays, but not many think about taking a ride on a river…in a giant pumpkin. This year, Nebraska resident Duane Hansen celebrated his 60th birthday by doing what most people would consider almost impossible: traveling down the Missouri river in an 846-pound pumpkin—one that he grew himself—to achieve a world record.

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September 8, 2022

Grandson Takes His Grandmother on an Epic Adventure to Visit All 63 National Parks in the U.S.

Perhaps one of the most important questions we can ever ask ourselves is how do I want to live my life as I get older? For those who choose optimism and adventure, it’s important to have people around who care enough to help live a vibrant life in their years of retirement freedom. For one nonagenarian affectionately known as Grandma Joy, that supportive and encouraging adventurer is her grandson, Brad Ryan.

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August 29, 2022

Japanese Shrine Creates Custom Water Sanctuary for Bees To Stay Hydrated

Bees bless our planet in so many extraordinary ways. They are inspiring in their work ethic and organizational skills, and who doesn't love a delicious dollop of honey? In all that they do to pollinate our plants, these special insects feel the heat of hard work as much as we do. Luckily, there are some compassionate people who are trying to keep our buzzing buddies hydrated.

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