July 10, 2024

Ugandan Kids Dance Troupe Gains International Praise for Impressive Acrobatic Performances

Ugandan dance troupe Hypers Kids Africa has gained worldwide attention for its impressive dance performances. And now, they're gaining even more love thanks to a remarkable audition on season 19 of America's Got Talent. Dressed in red, black, and yellow to pay homage to Uganda's flag, their wildly entertaining performance earned a standing ovation, and a thumbs-up from all four judges.

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December 8, 2023

Watch This Skydiver Perfectly Control Her Body To Execute a Thrilling Routine Inside a Wind Tunnel

There are some extreme athletes in the world and expert skydivers are certainly one type. For these highly skilled individuals, skydiving is much more than simply jumping from a plane and letting gravity do the rest. While beginners can enjoy tandem jumps with an instructor, the real thrill seems to come from making the most of the free-fall. At 23 years old, skydiver Maja Kuczynska has become a master at it.

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