March 25, 2023

Study Suggests That Early Retirement Can Cause Cognitive Decline

One of the many advantages of getting older is the prospect of retirement. Relaxing after years of hard work sounds well-deserved, and being able to take advantage of decades of savings sounds tranquil. But when, exactly, should you retire? The typical age ranges across the globe from the early to late 60s, and with life expectancy ranging upwards to the mid-80s worldwide, it makes sense to relish in many years of not working.

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February 28, 2023

Fans Help Singer Lewis Capaldi Finish His Song Amid Tourette’s Syndrome Flare-Up

Last fall, Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi opened up about his experience with Tourette's syndrome. This neurological disorder occurs in one in every 162 children and causes unwanted movements or sounds called tics. Since the onset of symptoms is hard to predict, Capaldi sometimes has to deal with the condition when he performs. One such flare-up happened recently at a concert in Frankfurt, Germany. Fortunately, his loyal fans helped him through it.

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