June 11, 2024

Environmental Activist Saves One of the Largest Forests in India From Harmful Coal Mining

The biodiverse Hasdeo Aranya forests are one of the largest intact forest areas in India. Spread over 657 square miles, the forest, which is popularly known as the Lungs of Chhattisgarh, provides crucial natural resources to the 15,000 Indigenous Adivasi people living there. The sprawling forest is also home to diverse wildlife including elephants and tigers, as well as thousands of unique reptiles and birds.

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June 7, 2024

Young Cancer Survivors Reunite for Poignant Portrait 10 Years After Their First Remission Photo

Ten years ago, three girls posed for a beautiful portrait that wound up making the rounds online and gaining a lot of praise and support for the brave girls. Six-year-old Rheann Franklin, 4-year-old Ainsley Peters, and 3-year-old were battling cancer at the time, but embraced each other to send a message: “Sometimes strength comes in knowing you're not alone.

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June 3, 2024

One Lucky Influencer Will Get Paid $100K To Swim in Pools in All 50 States This Summer

If you're looking for a summer job that is unique and unlike any other, you're in luck. Swimply, a private pool rental company based in Los Angeles, is offering one lucky influencer the opportunity of a lifetime—swim in pools in all 50 states, make video reviews about your experiences, and get paid $100,000 for it. This might sound too good to be true, but this is one case where the popular saying just isn't accurate.

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