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Incredible Anamorphic Installations Made of Found Objects

French artist Bernard Pras uses junk and discarded materials to create his large-scale “paintings” whose visual construction bears a resemblance to that of artist Vik Muniz's junkyard masterpieces and shredded magazine collages. Like Muniz, Pras focuses on classic works and the artists behind said creations. The result of his valiant efforts in compiling each of his subjects is an enormous sculptural portrait composed of random yet carefully placed loose objects.

In producing his inspired installations, Pras takes cues from Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian painter from the 16th century who's most famous for his portrait paintings featuring an amalgam of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other unorthodox components. He has even assembled a three-dimensional version of one of Arcimboldo's paintings with actual produce. The artist also tackles the timeless works of other great painters like Dal, Munch, and Hiroshige.

Additionally, Pras offers his anamorphic renditions of prominent figures from pop culture. Regardless of his subject, the artist creates immensely detailed installations that allow the eye to wander. His works are the kinds of creations that you could spend countless amounts of time discovering new trinkets and lost objects in.

Bernard Pras website

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