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Adorable Bulldog Puppy Born with Only Two Healthy Legs Receives the Help He Needs

Bonsai is an adorable bulldog puppy who has faced many medical obstacles in his life. The lovable pup was born with two lame legs and many other birth defects. Besides the issue with his legs, Bonsai has a dysfunctional pelvis, a deformed lower spine, and Swimmer Puppy syndrome–a condition that prevents the canine from standing on his two front legs because it places pressure on his internal organs. X-Rays have also revealed that he was born with sacs of fluid inside his small body.

While it may seem that Bonsai’s luck has run out, his loving owners and a community of charitable animal lovers have stepped in to save the day. Friends Of Emma is a Texas-based organization that helps care for dogs with birth defects. Recently, his two crippled hind legs were amputated in an effort to alleviate pain and discomfort. Thanks to the animal-loving group, Bonsai’s owners are able to cover his vet bills and other essential items. They’ve also set up a donation webpage and Amazon wishlist for anyone who wants to give them a helping hand.

Even though Bonsai has a rough road ahead of him, he is definitely not alone. Thanks to the support system around him, he’s getting all of the love and care that he needs. And, most importantly, he isn’t letting his birth defects keep him from living life and spreading joy along the way.

Bonsai: Facebook | PetCaring Donation | YouCaring Donation
Friends of Emma: Website | Facebook | Amazon Wishlist
via [Bored Panda]

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