January 23, 2024

Animal Shelter Celebrates All Pets Being Adopted for the First Time in Almost 50 Years

Across the country, animal shelters are overcrowded with cats, dogs, and other pets. This is all the more reason to celebrate Adams County SPCA‘s rare accomplishment. Back in December 2023, the Pennsylvania shelter shared uplifting news that all of their animals were adopted—the first time it has happened in nearly 50 years. The announcement came in the form of a Facebook post, accompanied by an image of the shelter staff posing near the empty stalls.

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January 12, 2024

Pet-Friendly Console Table Includes Secret Tunnel for Curious Cats

Cat owners know how curious felines can be. Whether it's climbing bookshelves or hopping onto desks, there's no stopping their curiosity. Rather than fight this instinct, Portugal-based designer Ricardo Sá has created a piece of furniture that gives them freedom to explore. The Choo Choo console table is a streamlined piece that includes a secret passageway for cats to wander through. The table gets its name from the bullet train-inspired shape.

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