November 25, 2020

Adorable Little Owl Is Found in Rockefeller Christmas Tree After Traveling 170 Miles

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Well, we may have experienced a modern-day miracle just recently. When the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was delivered to New York City earlier this month, a tiny owl was discovered nestled in its branches. The little, 20-centimeter-long (7.8-inch-long) bird had traveled 170 miles inside the tree, from her home in Oneonta where the tree was cut down.

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November 23, 2020

These Remote Islands Will Be One of the Largest Wildlife Sanctuaries in the World

A series of remote islands in the South Atlantic Ocean will soon become one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Home to only 244 people, Tristan da Cunha is a volcanic island that provides refuge to exotic and rare wildlife. It comprises a few landmasses, one of which is completely inaccessible. The total area of the islands is approximately 265,000 square miles, with very little room for humans.

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November 17, 2020

Stunning Portraits of Rare and Endangered Birds Full of Personality

Portraiture often attempts to capture the essence of the sitter—their emotions, their personality, their thoughts. For photographer Tim Flach, animal subjects offer as much dynamic range and emotional intimacy as human models. The London-based artist is well known for his work with endangered species, canines, and rare birds. Building upon his prolific body of work, Flach continues to photograph the most ostentatious, colorful, and emotive feathery friends from around the world.

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November 13, 2020

Animal Shelter Styles Older Dogs as Senior Citizens for Hilarious Adoption Photoshoot

When it comes to adopting a dog from a shelter, senior dogs are often overlooked in favor of puppies. And while younger animals are often seen as undeniably cute, older pets have boundless charm, too—and they still have a lot of love to give! In a bid to help get its elderly residents the attention they deserve, Florida-based Flagler Humane Society came up with a playful idea.

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