March 20, 2021

Get to Know the Getty Museum: How a Villa Full of Magnificent Art Enchants Visitors Today

Among the prestigious art collections on United States soil, the J. Paul Getty Museum is a modern masterpiece. Split between two campuses—the Getty Villa and the Getty Center—the collection houses works by Van Gogh, Turner, and countless Old Masters. The Los Angeles museum is also home to thousands of precious antiquities which offer insight into ancient life. Much like the Guggenheim Museum, the Getty began with the private collection of a billionaire art enthusiast.

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October 14, 2020

Corning Museum of Glass: Explore the World of Glassmaking at This Museum

Tucked into the rolling fields of upstate New York, you will find Ancient Egyptian perfume bottles and space-age telescope lenses. These objects and many thousands more are on view at the Corning Museum of Glass—a museum devoted to the history and use of the ubiquitous material. From enormous glass sculptures to delicate Venetian goblets, this museum offers educational exhibits and interactive fun for the whole family.

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