June 11, 2018

Giant Inflatable Sculptures Merge Technology and Art at San Francisco’s Exploratorium

Christopher Jobson, founder and editor-in-chief of the well-regarded art and design website Colossal, took on the mantle of curator for a special collective exhibition at San Francisco's Exploratorium. Inflatable is a group installation that asks five artists to create ephemeral sculptures filled with air. The fun and interactive exhibition is spread throughout the Exploratorium's indoor and outdoor galleries, inviting the public to engage with the artwork throughout the summer.

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May 15, 2018

Giant Flower Bouquet Takes Over NYC Street With Over 40 Feet of Real Blooms

Landscape architecture and urban design firm Terrain Work has declared their love of New York City by transforming one of its street staples into something fit for a giant. Scaling the conventional flower bouquet way up, they installed Broadway Bouquet, a temporary, site-specific installation comprising a giant cone that contains an assortment of colorful trees and flowery shrubs. The flower installation art measured an impressive 40 feet long and eight feet high.

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April 27, 2018

Paper Haussmann Buildings Capture the Charming Details of Parisian Architecture

Paris-based “paper designer” Camille Ortoli creates intricate installations that capture the chic side of paper-crafting. In addition to haute couture commissions and other commercial work, Ortoli also focuses on personal projects, including her stunning series of paper Haussmann buildings. Each splendid model features the characteristic elements of this architectural style: distinctive mansard roofs, decorative reliefs and molding, and rows of windows with exquisitely-crafted balconies.

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April 15, 2018

What is Installation Art? | History and Top Art Installations Since 2013

Like most movements that make up modern and contemporary art, installation art exhibits an interest in innovating. Though similar to sculpture and related to a range of recent artistic genres, the immersive practice offers a unique way to experience art. In order to grasp the significance of such a movement, it is important to understand what makes it so special, from its distinctive qualities to its artistic influences.

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