May 19, 2022

Artist Arranges Hypnotic Land Art Into Stone Waves on Ocean Shores

Artist Jon Foreman creates awe-inspiring work from the nature that surrounds him. Traversing the beach, he finds rocks of all shapes and sizes and arranges them into hypnotic designs on the ground. By using a variety of stones, he's able to convey movement in the static work. Often, this involves stacking and placing the individual pieces based on size.

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May 9, 2022

French Artist Creates Ethereal Cardboard Bridges Suspended by Balloons

For over 20 years, French artist Olivier Grossetête has been creating what he calls Participative Monumental Constructions. Made with the assistance of local communities, these ephemeral pieces of architecture are erected using only cardboard boxes and tape. Grossetête works without the assistance of machinery, using only the help of local participants to bring these fantasy pieces to life.

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February 21, 2022

Immersive Cherry Blossom Installation Celebrates Spring With Menagerie of Hybrid Petal-Animals

Spring is approaching and, in Japan, that can mean just one thing—it's cherry blossom season! For the international art collective teamLab, the changing season brings a fresh look to their population installations. Masters of creating immersive experiences, they keep things fresh by renewing their pieces as the year moves forward. In the teamLab Forest Fukuoka museum, this means cherry blossoms will explode across several different room installations.

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