February 4, 2020

Land Artist Surprises Beach Goers By Leaving Striking Stone Arrangements Along the Coast

Land artist Jon Foreman finds comfort in arranging stones in eye-pleasing formations on the beach. His practice, which he calls Sculpt the World, showcases rocks fashioned into swirling patterns as well as giant circles containing an array of rainbow-esque hues. “This process is therapy to me,” Foreman tells My Modern Met. “The simple act of placing stone upon stone in the sand is very therapeutic.

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December 27, 2019

Activist Artists Float a Sunken House Down the Thames to Visualize the Reality of Climate Change

Activist group Extinction Rebellion is making an important statement about climate change by floating a typical suburban house in London’s River Thames. Using dramatic visual imagery, they have sent a strong message to the UK government. Serious action needs to take place in order to combat the human threats that loom due to rising tides and global warming.

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December 11, 2019

World War II Submarine Base in France Transformed Into World’s Largest Digital Art Center

In France, a submarine base built during World War II is taking on new life as a contemporary arts center thanks to Culturespaces. Located in Bordeaux, the enormous bunker was used for several years during the war to house a shared German and Italian submarine fleet. Now, it will be renamed Bassins de Lumières and take its place as the world’s largest digital art center.

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October 31, 2019

Giant Skeletons Emerge from the Streets of Mexico for Día de los Muertos

Mexico City is gearing up for its annual Day of the Dead celebrations and in one neighborhood, something strange is emerging from the city streets. In the Tláhuac municipality, two giant skeletons have burst through the asphalt, resting their weary limbs on the pavement. Measuring over 11 feet wide and 7 feet tall, the sculptures are welcome forebearers of the annual celebrations that take place on November 1 and November 2.

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