November 14, 2019

120,000 Ribbons Float Above Former Berlin Wall to Mark 30 Years Since the Peaceful Revolution

November 9, 1989 marked a momentous occasion—it’s when the Berlin Wall began to come down. At that time, East German officials announced that all German Democratic Republic citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin. This was just the start of a nearly year-long process of German reunification, but November 9 has always been recognized as a milestone for the divided nation.

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October 29, 2019

Interview: Walk Through a Colorful Installation Made of 140,000 Japanese Symbols

Muted is not a word in designer and architect Emmanuelle Moureaux’s vocabulary. Known for her colorful installations of text that trail from the ceiling, the immersive environments surround visitors in an array of rainbow hues. Numbers and letterforms take on an abstract quality as they dangle en masse around carefully constructed pathways. We’ve marveled at many of Moureaux’s installations before, and her recent Universe of Words exhibition continues upon this engaging format.

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October 17, 2019

Artist Designs Machine You Crank to Earn Minimum Wage, One Penny at a Time

Conceptual artist Blake Fall-Conroy creates work that often touches on socio-economic themes. As a self-taught engineer, many of his art pieces involve mechanisms that allow him to get his point across. This is most evident in his Minimum Wage Machine, a lightning-rod installation that speaks about the value of labor and one’s time. People are asked to turn a crank that will then release a penny at specific intervals.

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September 25, 2019

440 High Heels Installed on Giant Wall to Honor Female Victims of Domestic Violence

Turkish artist Vahit Tuna has created a haunting installation to draw the public’s attention to an important issue—domestic violence. By placing 440 pairs of black high heels on an enormous wall, he’s making a bold statement. Each pair represents a woman in Turkey that was killed by her partner in 2018. It’s a shocking number in a country where femicide is on the rise.

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