March 31, 2020

168,000 Suspended Rainbow-Colored Numbers Visualize “Slices of Time”

Color and texture collide in the long trails of suspended number-forms created by designer and architect Emmanuelle Moureaux. Known for her dazzling large-scale installations, her latest work called Slices of Time made its February debut at the NOW Gallery in London. It is an extension of Moureaux’s 100 Colors series, and her latest piece utilizes the titular number of hues in addition to white.

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February 17, 2020

Artist Creates Virtual Traffic Jam on Google Maps With a Wagon Full of 99 Smartphones

Berlin-based artist Simon Weckert is fascinated by the digital world and its impact on humanity. With his performance Google Map Hacks, Weckert plays with the intersection of real and virtual worlds. By strolling around with a wagon filled with 99 cell phones, the artist generates virtual traffic jams on Google Maps and creates an intriguing juxtaposition between the physical and digital world.

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January 20, 2020

Immersive Installation Chronicles Humanity’s Past and Present While Challenging Us to Think of the Future

Artist and stage designer Es Devlin explores the evolution of human thought and history in her sprawling installation titled Memory Palace. The massive, immersive work recently concluded its showing at London’s Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery where it filled their space with a chronological landscape that plotted “pivotal shifts in human perspective” from the beginning of our history to the present day.

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December 13, 2019

8th Annual Amsterdam Light Festival Illuminates the City at Night

The canals of Amsterdam are once again the canvas for spectacular light art thanks to the 8th annual Amsterdam Light Festival. For 53 days, installations by local and international artists dot the city, turning Amsterdam into a treasure trove of color and light. The 2019 edition is guided by the overall theme DISRUPT!, making the resulting installations reflect on relevant themes like climate change, technology, and war.

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