June 3, 2023

Georgian Trio Marvels With Energetic Renditions From a Global Songbook

Music is truly a universal language. No matter where you're from, a good melody and a compelling performance can sweeten anyone's ear. Trio Mandili, a Georgian group comprising three young women, embodies this sentiment. Even if you can't understand the lyrics to their songs—or the wide array of songs from around the world they cover—it's hard to not be marveled at how their talents shine through the simplicity of their performances.

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May 28, 2023

Mysterious Musician Performs a Compelling Cover of ‘Hotel California’ With a Guzheng

The Eagles' “Hotel California” is an extremely famous song, which is why there are hundreds of covers out there. While it has been performed by legends such as the Gypsy Kings, Nancy Sinatra, and Frank Ocean, there is an elusive musician who has shared a unique version with the world. Armed with a guzheng, the enigmatic artist MoYun has versioned this popular song from the 70s.

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May 23, 2023

Iam Tongi Wins American Idol Following an Emotional Duet of “Monsters” With James Blunt

The young and talented Iam Tongi was just crowned winner of the 21st season of American Idol, and he did so by singing from the heart. His victory is not only great news for those who followed his highly emotional journey, but it also marks the first time a Pacific Islander has won the coveted title. Tongi first captured the hearts of the public with his moving audition.

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May 9, 2023

Ed Sheeran Surprises Fans With Impromptu NYC Performance Atop a Car

Singer Ed Sheeran has had quite a week. On May 4, the British musician won his years-long copyright case after being accused of copying Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” Just a day later, he released his sixth-studio album titled – (aka Subtract). Since he had even stated he would quit music altogether should he lose the trial, the latest developments surely have him celebrating, and reinforcing his bond with his creative practice.

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