July 15, 2024

9-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Soulfully Plays the Blues Better Than Many Adults

In many ways, Junxi Lu is an average 9-year-old boy. He enjoys playing with his friends and dressing up in colorful clothes and wigs. But he also has a passion for music that far exceeds his age, as he is incredibly skilled at playing both the classical and electric guitar. The young guitar prodigy, better known as Maituo, began learning the classical guitar in 2020 and picked up the electrical guitar in 2021.

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June 10, 2024

Composer Turns Pet Portraits Into Beautiful Music That Reflects Your Furry Friend’s Personality

Visual artists have long been inspired by their pets. There's a seemingly endless supply of pet photography and even quirky crafts paying homage to our animal companions. But it turns out, our furry friends can also prompt creatives to write beautiful music—and not just the silly songs you sing to your dog or cat about how much you love them.

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May 11, 2024

Eminem’s Emotional Letter and Hand-Drawn Portrait Addressed to Tupac’s Mother

Rappers may have a tough-as-nails image, but many are ultimately sensitive artists. This perfectly describes Marshall Mathers, best known as Eminem. Following a complicated youth, he discovered hip hop, a path that would turn him into one of the most successful recording artists of all time. While he eventually became a star, he remained grounded, paying tribute to those who inspired him to develop his unique rapping style.

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