November 17, 2018

Library of Congress Makes Finding Free to Use Material Easier Than Ever

Where can you go if you want to peruse vintage travel posters, Civil War photography, or explore America via WPA imagery? The Library of Congress, of course. As the United States’ oldest federal institution, the Library Congress has become the de facto repository of all things associated with American history. Thanks to the institution’s large digital collection, it’s possible to gain access to millions of items right from your computer.

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November 8, 2018

16th-Century Calligraphy Manual Available for Free Download

Calligraphers today have multiple tools at their disposal, including digital means to preserve their beautiful work. Hundreds of years ago, they weren’t as fortunate. Technology wasn’t at enough of an advanced level until about 1440, when the invention of moveable type on the printing press forever changed the way that texts were published. Increasingly, instead of labor intensive hand lettering, texts were printed for widespread consumption.

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