March 3, 2024

The Multicultural History of Why the U.S. Has No Official Language

Most countries have an official language. For example, Canada boasts dual official languages: French and English. Switzerland has four, which are largely geographically segmented in their usage. Bolivia boasts the Guinness World Record for most official languages at 37—including Spanish and a litany of Indigenous languages spoken by citizens. Even when not an official language, English is spoken widely across the world and forms a bridge between language divides.

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February 19, 2024

12-Year-Old Proves That Archimedes’ 3rd-Century Death Ray Is Plausible

A middle school student from Ontario has just proven that the mythical heat ray by Greek mathematician Archimedes could be real. Purported to have been used to burn Roman ships during the 3rd century BCE Siege of Syracuse, this invention used mirrors and the sun to defeat the enemy. Archimedes' death ray was first mentioned in the 2nd century CE by the author Lucian, who said that Archimedes burned enemy ships.

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January 15, 2024

Fashion Lover Wears Swimsuit Styles From Different Decades Over the Last 100 Years

These days, when you go out to the beach or the pool, you'll see a variety of swimsuits. One pieces, bikinis, and tankinis are just a few of the popular styles that women can choose from when dressing for the water. However, 100 years ago, there were far fewer options and more social expectations to abide by. YouTuber Gabrielle Jones (aka @Gabis_vintage)

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