February 15, 2022

Photographer Explores Tbilisi’s Mysterious Underground Soviet-Era City

Hidden beneath the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia is a whole other world—or rather, a time capsule of the Soviet era. It's a world that photographer Davit Tabagari discovered during spring 2021 and that has fascinated him ever since. A fan of photography since childhood, he's been using his passion to document the historic underground shelters in Tbilisi. In 1921, the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic was formed and then incorporated into the Soviet Union.

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January 24, 2022

Amateur Metal Detectorist Discovers 13th-Century Gold Coin Featuring Henry III

Finding buried treasure is a common childhood dream, and some people hold onto this dream as adults, often pursuing a career in archeology. Though rare, there are also instances in which amateur metal detectorists make discoveries that lead to great leaps in knowledge as they are further excavated and studied by professionals. A recent find in a farmer's field in Devon, England, has been particularly exciting for both its amateur, anonymous discoverer and medieval historians.

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December 17, 2021

Indigenous People in Alaska Invented Snow Goggles Centuries Ago To Protect Eyes and Improve Vision

Anyone who has spent a lot of time outdoors in the snow knows how important it is to protect your eyes. The bright sun bouncing off the white snow can lead to snow blindness, a very uncomfortable situation caused by too much exposure to UV light. Indigenous peoples in the Alaska region were certainly aware of these dangers, and have been creating eyewear to protect themselves for thousands of years.

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