December 6, 2018

Artist Transforms Victorian Portraits Into Modern Pop Culture Trading Cards

Artist Alex Gross transforms 19th-century portraits into amusing mashups with iconic figures of popular culture. Using the sepia-toned photographs as his initial inspiration, Gross paints on cabinet cards (these were a style of portraits mounted on a 4.25-inch by 6.5-inch sheet that had widespread appeal after 1870). When he’s done, the anonymous men and women from yesteryear are retro versions of superheroes, villains, and famous figures from pop culture. Gross is enamored with the past.

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November 20, 2018

Artists Celebrate Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ in a Paw-fect Art Exhibition

Director Wes Anderson has the incredible ability to create an entirely original world within the scope of a single film. The curious stories, ripe with colorful characters and quirky sets, have inspired artists to create their own version of his vision. For years, the bi-coastal Spoke Art gallery has celebrated the legendary films through various group shows. Their latest Anderson-themed exhibit is a tribute to his stop-motion animation, Isle of Dogs.

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October 17, 2018

Artist Captures the Charm of South Korea’s Corner Shops Before They Disappear

While many artists might favor landscapes or people as their theme, South Korean artist Me Kyeoung Lee has chosen an unlikely subject for her life’s work: the humble convenience store. The talented artist has been depicting these mom-and-pop establishments for over 20 years, aiming to capture their authentic charm before they close down and disappear forever.

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