December 31, 2019

These Aerial Photos of Iceland’s Rivers Look Like Watercolor Paintings

Inspired by the beauty of our planet, Hungarian photographer Gábor Nagy loves discovering new locations for his work. Attracted to the great outdoors, it should come as no surprise that Iceland is fertile ground for his creativity. As a go-to location for many photographers seeking incredible landscapes, the country’s expansive environment provides endless creative possibilities. While Nagy has several sets of images from Iceland, his River Paintings show a softer, abstract side to the environment.

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November 2, 2019

Interview: Cinematic Drone Photos Capture Stunning Views of the World from Above

Cinematographer Simeon Pratt masterfully uses his skills for capturing motion to produce dramatic still photographs of landscapes around the globe. With muted colors and a moody atmosphere, the aerial images are a visual feast that evoke haunting narratives. This inspiring work gives a unique glimpse of the natural—and sometimes manmade—world, one that can only be viewed from above.

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September 30, 2019

Storm Chaser Turns 2 Years’ Worth of Amazing Lightning Adventures into Epic 4K Video

If you had any doubts about the power of nature, just tune into storm chaser Dustin Farrell‘s new video. In this three-and-a-half-minute highlight reel, Farrell takes us along on two years of storm chasing adventures. Shot with his Phantom Flex 4, the 4K video is a stunning look at lightning strikes and storm clouds as they dramatically take over the environment.

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September 6, 2019

Interview: Photographer Captures the Disappearing Beauty of Greenland’s Icebergs

On a recent trip to Greenland, landscape photographer Albert Dros had the opportunity to sail through the waters around Disko Bay. Located on the west coast of the country, the area is filled with wildlife like walruses, seals, and whales. They frolic in the icy waters that are dotted with icebergs. While Dros was in the area, he had a chance to experience the changing dynamic of Greenland’s environment and shoot some incredible imagery.

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