February 20, 2019

World Press Photo Announces Nominees for the 2019 Photojournalism Contest

After culling through more than 78,000 photographs from over 4,700 photographers, the expert judges of the World Press Photo contest have announced the finalists of the 2019 competition. The panelists have selected 43 photographers from 23 countries to represent the best in photojournalism, with women making up 32% of the finalists. This is a great increase from the previous year, when only 12% of the nominees were female.

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December 3, 2018

A Photojournalist’s Inside View of the Deadly California Wildfires

For over twenty years, photojournalist Noah Berger has literally placed himself in the line of fire to gather news footage of the United States’ worst wildfires. Each year, he spends roughly six months documenting fire season, using his skills as a photojournalist to capture both the destruction of these events and the heroism of the firefighters who work tirelessly to combat them.

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October 24, 2018

Photographer Travels Across the World to Explore His Newly Discovered Roots

It’s human nature to be curious about your roots, and recent advances in genetic testing have made it easier than ever to discover precisely where your ancestors came from. This curiosity drove Brazilian photographer Hugo Santarem Rodrigues to take a global ancestry DNA test in 2016 in order to discover his origins. What happened from there is an interesting look at an artist visually processing that information.

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September 30, 2018

Interview: Powerful Portraits of Indigenous Women of Siberia Aging Alone

Photographer Oded Wagenstein is a storyteller at heart. Using his camera, Wagenstein travels the world, exploring themes of aging, loss, and memory. By mixing his background of anthropology, sociology, and film, he shines a vital spotlight on communities that are often forgotten, and dedicates his artistry to giving a visual voice to those who may go unheard. His recent series Forgotten Like Last Year’s Snow, focuses on the women of northern Siberia’s nomadic communities.

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