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Elizabeth Beiser is a Contributing Writer and Project Coordinator at My Modern Met. She has a background in American Cultural History with a special focus on Modern art and democratic community building. She received her B.A. in history, with a minor in Studio Arts, and her M.A. in history from the University of Rochester. She has worked on multiple political campaigns, as well as in non-profit operations and direct service. When she’s not writing, she’s experimenting with all varieties of arts and crafts. She also enjoys spending time with four-legged friends and exploring her hometown of Boston.

July 11, 2024

Scientists Solve the Mystery of How Butterflies Flew 2,600 Miles Without Stopping

If a butterfly flaps its wings, will a hurricane suddenly materialize? No, not likely; but it turns out butterflies can still achieve some impressive feats with their delicate fluttering. After a decade of some serious detective work, entomologist Gerard Talavera and his team at the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (CSIC) have shown that the Vanessa cardui can manage to migrate from West Africa to South America.

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July 9, 2024

These Books by My Modern Met Academy Instructors Will Jumpstart Your Artistic Growth

Our e-learning platform, My Modern Met Academy, has a full roster of incredibly talented artists who excel at breaking down art into bite-sized lessons. Whether you're interested in illustration, painting, crocheting, or photography, chances are one of our team of instructors can introduce you to new skills that you'll use for years to come. If you haven't signed up for one of our classes yet, now's the perfect time to enroll.

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July 1, 2024

Teen Goes Viral for Crocheting the Perfect Prom Dress in 3 Days

Prom is arguably the most anticipated event in many teenagers' young lives. Many of the youthful attendees go all out for the evening and even tend to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect outfit. For 18-year-old Sarah Akinbuwa, this was not the case, though. The crafty teen managed to steal the show at Somerville High School's prom by relying on her talent and determination instead of her bank account.

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June 28, 2024

Abraham Lincoln Wax Statue Melts From Extreme Heat in Washington, D.C.

If you’re in the U.S., you’re either just coming out of or in the middle of a heat wave. Our increasingly hot summers can be devastating for our health, but at least we’re not made of wax. This past week, a Washington, D.C. sculpture of the nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, became another casualty of global warming. In fact, poor Abe has suffered quite a bit this past year.

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