June 18, 2021

Learn the Basics of Perspective to Create Drawings That Pop Off the Page

Drawing is full of fundamental techniques that will improve how you create art. And if you like to draw realistically, understanding these methods is vital. Perspective is one of these approaches that will help you become a better draftsperson—especially when it comes to architecture.   What is perspective drawing in art? Perspective drawing gives objects on a 2D surface a sense of three-dimensionality. There are two types of perspective: linear perspective and atmospheric perspective.

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April 15, 2021

Here’s Where to Find Thousands of New Brushes to Use in Procreate and Photoshop

Photoshop and Procreate are game-changing programs, if you want to digitally draw and paint. Each has its own set of brushes that allow you to make marks that look exactly like a pencil, fine-tipped pen, and beyond. This makes drawing and painting logistically convenient—no paper, erasers, or tubes of paint needed—and means you can create work that looks like it was done with analog media but has the ease of digital.

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January 10, 2021

Virtual ‘Library Explorer’ Digitally Recreates the Thrill of Browsing Endless Book Stacks

Public lending libraries developed in the United States in the latter half of the 19th century, and to this day they remain an important local institution. From offering computers, classes, and (of course) books to patrons of all ages, libraries are beloved by the community. During the pandemic, many people miss leisurely wandering the aisles of the local library and pulling plastic-sheathed books off the shelves.

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