June 11, 2024

Olympus Mons: The Largest Volcano in Our Solar System Is Located on Mars

As impressive as the highest peaks on Earth are, they barely compare to the tallest mountains in our solar system. Namely, Olympus Mons is a giant volcano on Mars that towers 16 miles above the neighboring plains and stretches 374 miles. In fact, it is so broad, that it doesn’t look like a typical mountain found on Earth. If you were standing on it, it would simply appear like a soft slope.

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June 5, 2024

The Most Powerful Solar Flare in 7 Years Just Occurred This Year

In early May, solar flares caused stunning auroras, grabbing the attention of a lot of astronomy enthusiasts and the public at large. However, invisible to human eyes, one of the strongest solar flares that has ever been measured emerged less than a week later. This solar flare came from the same region of the Sun that caused the auroras.

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May 23, 2024

Get Ready for the Full Flower Moon That Will Shine in the Night Sky Tonight

The last couple of months have been spectacular for stargazers and astronomy lovers. First, the Great North American Eclipse darkened the skies on April 8, leaving us with some breathtaking images. Then, a powerful solar storm caused the aurora borealis to be seen in many more locations around the world. And just recently, a meteor lit up the skies in Portugal and Spain.

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May 16, 2024

NASA Shows What It Looks Like to Fly into and Around a Black Hole

Ever since NASA released the first image of a black hole in 2019, we've learned more and more about these enigmatic celestial formations. Still, there are many mysteries around them, as their unique physics make them hard to grasp. For example, how would it look to fly into a black hole? While it's hard to know for sure, NASA has made an effort to offer an answer.

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