September 5, 2012

Las Vegas’ Wheel of Misfortune

We've all seen the show Wheel of Fortune before. Overly happy contestants spin the wheel as they try to guess the phrase and win a prize. Street artist Aware decided to take a “glass half empty” approach and humorously created a giant non-spinning Wheel of Misfortune at an old magnesium plant – appropriately located in Las Vegas. To get a better idea of the size and scale, check out the video below.

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September 3, 2012

Creepy Hug Me Jacket

Sometimes, don't we all just need a hug? Forget asking your family or friends, wear this crazy-looking jacket and you'll always feel special. Of course, you'll also look a little freaky but who cares? This great green jacket was one of six designer Si Chan created under his Fall/Winter 2012-2013 men's collection called Hug Me.

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August 27, 2012

Exquisite White House Sand Sculpture

Dan Doubleday and Meredith Corson of Sanding Ovations recently created an awesome sand sculpture of the White House (and the Lincoln Memorial) for the Republican National Convention. Found on the beach behind the Bilmar Beach Resort in Treasure Island, Florida , the impressive sculptures were made from 40 tons of sand. It took six days to complete the works which are now on view until September 3. The White House includes a clever touch.

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August 16, 2012

Beautiful Paper Hummingbirds Hover in Mid-Air

Diana Beltran Herrera is one of those artists that continually pushes herself to create more interesting works. When we first came across her colorful paper bird sculptures, we were amazed at how she could create such a wide range of birds with such precision and detail. Soon after, Herrera gave us a stunning look into the birds themselves, carefully constructing a clear window that revealed their internal anatomy.

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