Provocative "FishLove" Portraits Promote Sustainable Fishing

Gillian Anderson, Conger Eel

We've seen celebs and models posing with adorable little puppies or cute kittens before, but stripping down and hugging a fish is definitely a new approach to portraiture! Recently, British organization FishLove hired French photographer Denis Rouvre to develop this eye-catching campaign promoting sustainable fishing.

The crisp, clean images highlight the beauty of the human body set gracefully against the rare, up-close details of all kinds of fish. The stark contrast raises an awareness of the importance of safe fishing practices in order to maintain a healthy ocean and a thriving sea life for future generations.

FishLove explains the motivation behind the project: “The global marine ecosystem will collapse within a generation if unsustainable fishing practices are allowed to continue,” and “with the right political decisions, we can save our seas so that they will be teeming with life for generations to come.”

Jeany Spark, Stone Bass

Caroline Ducey, Barracuda

Goldie, Redfish

Joanna Bergin, Mackerel

Serge Hazanavicius, Grey (thick lipped) Mullet

Jean-Marc Barr, Mako Shark

Melanie Bernier, European Eel

Aure Atika, Spotlight Parrotfish

Kenzo, Bonito

Nickolas Grace, Red Mullet

Olivia Williams, Sabre Fish

Thomas Dutronc, Dusky Grouper

Denis Rouvre's website
FishLove website
via [Adweek]

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