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D*Face Takes Over the Streets of New York

UK-based street artist D*Face has just recently made the trip to the States and transformed urban walls across New York City with his Roy Lichtenstein-inspired murals. The three public works known as Love Her, Hate Him, Handle With Care, and Grim Tales each reflect D*Face's comicbook style. In this new set of street murals, the artist recreates a character eerily similar to the skull-faced man in a suit from Beauty and the Skeletor. Rather than driving off in a fast car with a young dame, the skeletal man is affectionately clutching onto a buxom blonde, as though trying to deter her from leaving. There seems to be a running theme of despair and not wanting to let go in these three pieces. Even the Grim Reaper is tossing a pair of dice with the artist's own caption reading “Cheat death.”

D*Face's large-scale creations can be seen by passersby in Manhattan's Soho (on the corner of Prince and Spring Street) and Brooklyn's Williamsburg (at 158 Roebling).

D*Face website
via [Complex]

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