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Architect-Turned-Baker Designs Geometric Desserts That Look Like Modern Buildings

Pastry chef Dinara Kasko combines architecture and baking to create desserts that, from certain angles, look like buildings rather than sweets. They feature strong, precise lines and glossy exteriors that resemble concrete and steel rather than soft, spongy cakes. This unique fusion is a striking interpretation of edible structures—forget your ordinary gingerbread houses; these creations are akin to Zaha Hadid’s visionary designs.

Kasko’s strong point of view comes from her training as an architect, and she approaches her desserts as if they were buildings. “A beautiful cake as well as a beautiful building needs preliminary design,” she explained to So Good Magazine. “It’s necessary to work with the form, volume, composition, proportion, color and texture correctly. The right combination of all these factors will let us create a well-balanced cake and a well-balanced building.”

In addition to her baking philosophy, Kasko uses the latest tools to achieve their awe-inspiring forms. “New technologies [in building construction] are presented in different kinds of art; we can also implement new solutions in pâtisserie,” she said. “Nowadays with the help of 3D modeling and 3D printing, pastry chefs are open to new interesting possibilities.”

Dinara Kasko: Instagram
via [Laughing Squid]

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