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Levitating DIY Cloud Light Brings Airy Illumination Indoors

Cloud light DIY

We often marvel at the clouds outdoors while dreaming of harnessing their fanciful fluffiness for our interior decor. Many makers have figured out how to bring this wondrous part of nature inside, engineering them as speakers and lights. Some will even levitate in your home. Cost, however, is often a prohibitive factor when it comes to taming a cloud inside. But, not anymore. The lifestyle blog Like a Riot has created a DIY cloud light that’s airy, functional, and best of all, won’t break the bank. They boast that this project can be completed for about 70 Euros (roughly 73 US dollars).

The basic idea of this DIY is that you take an existing white pendant lamp and add volume to it. Fiber fill (or here, called bastelwatte) is the most important thing—it’s a lightweight material that can be easily pulled apart and actually looks like a cloud. Once you’ve gathered all the materials for the project, you can fashion the shape from styrofoam balls and the fluffy fiber. Then, you finish it with an LED light chain for a “storm” effect.

Check out the entire DIY on Like a Riot. Follow their instructions and you’ll have your own indoor cloud in no time!

You can easily create your DIY cloud light. Here's the finished product:

diy cloud light diy cloud light diy cloud light

This is the cloud light in progress. Would you try this?

diy cloud light led Cloud light DIY led Cloud light DIY paper lanterns paper lanterns paper lanterns Cloud light DIY Cloud light DIY Cloud light DIY

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All images via Like a Riot.

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