Photographer Captures the Neon-Soaked Energy of Dubai at Night

Dubai at Night by Xavier Portela

Photographer Xavier Portela is back with another edition of his Glow series, which sees him capturing neon-soaked cityscapes around the globe. This time he's landed in Dubai, where he's taken full advantage of the city's architecture. With a web of highways weaving through skyscrapers, Dubai's landscape lends itself perfectly to Portela's futuristic photography.

Though he was just in town on a short visit after visiting Sharjah for a photography festival, Portela still managed to come away with a strong set of images. As usual, the self-taught photographer and filmmaker put his signature on the photos. By tweaking the colors of the streaking taillights and headlights, Portela saturates the photographs with the pink and blue hues that he's known for.

He also manages to capture the electric energy of the city, mainly due to his use of long-exposure photography. The streaks of light that whizz across the streets and waterways show the dynamism of Dubai. In fact, Portela was so impressed, he's hoping to go back for another, longer, visit. But until then, we can still soak in Dubai Glow.

Xavier Portela's latest stop in his Glow series of night photography is Dubai.

Dubai at Night by Xavier Portela

Dubai Highways at Night by Xavier Portela

Dubai Skyscraper at Night by Xavier Portela

Cars Buzzing at Busy Intersection in Dubai

Portela uses long-exposure photography to highlight the excitement of the city.

Dubai Cityscape Photography by Xavier Portela

Neon Glow of Dubai Along the Water

Dubai Cityscape Photography by Xavier Portela

A master of cityscape photography, Portela lets the futuristic personality of Dubai shine.

Dubai Cityscape Photography by Xavier Portela

Woman Waiting for Public Transport in Dubai at Night

Streaking Cars Due to Long Exposure Photography

Dubai Glow by Xavier Portela

Xavier Portela: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Xavier Portela.

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