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LEGO Librarians with Unique, Quirky Personalities

“I singlehandedly manage the library's blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all our other damn marketing projects.”

When University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's Instruction & Reference Librarian Joe Hardenbrook, aka Mr. Library Dude, discovered that LEGO had created a stereotypical figure of a librarian–female, glasses, cardigan, sensible hair, book, coffee cup that reads “Shhh!”–he decided to mix and match LEGO people pieces together to recreate other librarian archetypes they seemed to have dismissed.

Some of Hardenbrook's creations maintain details of the typical librarian one expects while others challenge their public image perception. Each figure is accompanied by a quirky quote or description that makes them full-fledged individuals. The funny cast of characters are oddly accurate, quintessential librarians that come in all styles and personalities. Hardenbrook has created 27, which can all be viewed on his blog.

The official Lego librarian – comes with a “Shhh!” cup and a book: “Oranges and Peaches.”

Alternalibrarian – “I love my pink hair. Wanna see my lit-themed tattoos?”

“I'm an academic librarian with faculty status. My job is to write pointless peer-reviewed articles til I die. Which is hopefully soon.”

“I find this focus on female librarians' appearance to be rather sexist. Let me point you to an article I saw on Jezebel.com.”

“Ugh. This is how society wants to see me – the naughty librarian with a whip. So passe.”

“After a long day's work, all I really want is some quality time with my cat.”

“Do you want to talk about bibliometrics? Anyone? Anyone?”

“This is how I see me: a warrior librarian! Protecting the 1st amendment, fighting against library budget cuts. THAT's what I do!”

“I desperately want to be a hipster librarian with my pencil mustache and bowtie!”

“Am I a rockstar librarian or just a rockstar? Doesn't matter. L J just named me a Mover & Shaker even though I haven't done shit. How awesome is that?!”

“Adequately caffeinated and ready for the Reference Desk!”

“Even though I'm smiling, I actually hate you. I really, really hate you.”

“Work, kids, family…yep, I can do it all!”

“I went to library school to meet girls.”

“What do you mean there's no coffee?!?!”

Mr. Library Dude blog
via [Neatorama]


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