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Sublime Photos Capture the Quiet Beauty of the Tuscan Countryside

Photographer Mauro Maione transports us to the idyllic Tuscan countryside in his series of gorgeous landscape images. Often depicting grandiose shots, Maione's photos showcase all of the vibrant natural beauty that the gently-rolling hills have to offer. Small cottages and trees dot the landscape, but it's the skies that really steal the show. At times, their coloring appears almost unreal, depicting sublime purples, pinks, and blues that occasionally mingle with blankets of ethereal fog. They look like scenes from a mystical fairy tale.

All of Maione's images are devoid of people, but they don't convey a feeling of desolation or loneliness. Rather, the landscapes speak to us, their grassy knolls and awe-inspiring horizons reminding us to venture outside and reconnect with nature in a meaningful way.

Mauro Maione: Website | 500px | Facebook
via [Illusion]

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